Geothermal in Kenya

  • Kenya leads in Geothermal Development in Africa.
  • Kenya is ranked 8th globally, after the USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, New Zealand, Mexico, and Italy
  • High-temperature geothermal prospects in Kenya occur along the East Africa Rift System.
  • Current installed capacity – about 900 MWe.
  • Kenya’s total potential – about 10,000 MWe.
  • Kenya has several geothermal fields namely: Olkaria, Menengai, Barrier, Namarunu, Emuruangongolak, Silali, Paka, Korosi, Baringo, Bogoria, Arus, Eburru, Longonot, Suswa, Lake Magadi, Homa Hills, Mwananyamala, and Badlands. Olkaria Geothermal Field is so far, producing the most geothermal power.