1. What are the COVID-19 Travel Requirements to Kenya: Please click here to view the Requirements.
  2. What is the Covid-19 situation in Kenya like? Visit this website to learn more.
  3. Single entry visa requirements Kenya. Click here to view more.
  4. Do I have to be fully vaccinated to participate at the Kenya Geothermal Congress? Yes. Proof of vaccination will be required at the entrance.
  5. My abstract was approved for presentation at the Congress. What are the paper submission schedules?
    • Call for Abstracts – Closed
    • Abstract Review – Closed
    • Final Confirmation – Accepted Abstracts, Invitation to Submit Papers – Closed
    • Draft Technical Papers Deadline – 31.05.2022
    • Technical Paper Review – By 10.06.2022
    • Final Papers Due – 17.06.2022
    • Final Presentations Due: 28.06.2022
  6. How do I go about selecting accommodation and transport?
    1. The Venue doubles up as a Hotel with a total of 282 rooms.
    2. Guests can enjoy a variety. Besides this, the organizers of the Congress have negotiated rates with other hotels within the proximity.
  7. Invitation Letters: If you require an invitation letter for Visa application, please write us an email via: gak.kenya@gak