Why GAK?  

Looking to be part of the Geothermal Industry? What are some of the benefits of joining the GAK?

  • Identification with a professional body with a geothermal focus.
  • Automatic membership at the International Geothermal Association.
  • Advisory on the Geothermal Industry in Kenya: The association will provide market intelligence and information on the global trends for geothermal development.
  • Sponsorship to participate at various GAK events in the region:
    • Conferences / Workshops
    • Training
    • Study Tours to Geothermal Sites
  • Networking Opportunities / Business to Business: Point of contact with local and international stakeholders in the industry
  • CV database for consultancy opportunity. The association maintains a database of its registered members which is then available to companies interested in their services.
  • Reference for consultancies. The association will continue to provide reference to their members vouching for their competence in their areas of specialization.
  • Mentorship for youth and students with a keen interest in Geothermal Energy

The membership categories are:

  • Patron Corporate Membership (Please Contact the Secretariat)
  • Corporate Membership (Please Contact the Secretariat)
  • Institution Membership –  Click to Download
  • Individual Membership –  Click to Download
  • Student Membership     –  Click to Download


GAK Professionals Database is Here: To qualify for listing on the database, please click Here and fill the membership questionnaire.