GAK Mentorship and Attachment Program

Are you a STUDENT seeking to work in the geothermal sector in future? The GAKMAP Program is one of our programs tailor made just for you. 


  1. What is GAKMAP? The Geothermal Association of Kenya – Mentorship and Attachment / Internship Program (GAKMAP Program) is a packaged program that has a vision to nurture the skills of the youth in readiness for their future uptake in the geothermal sector in Kenya. Mentoring is a developmental process which can occur both naturally and officially to allow an individual to share their experience, knowledge and skills with another individual in order to benefit the latter’s personal and/or professional development.
  2. What does GAKMAP Entail? 
    • Practical learning in related geothermal fields, at a company involved in geothermal energy development in Kenya – offered by the partnering company.
    • GAKMAP offers both internship and attachment programs at the companies listed below.
    • Mentorship program – offered by GAK on a regular basis.
  3. Taglines: GAKMAP 2020, GAKMAP 2021, GAKMAP 2020 and so on.
  4. Which companies have we partnered with in the GAKMAP Program?
    • Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen PLC).
    • Oserian Development Company
    • (If your company wishes to partner with us on the GAKMAP Program, please get in touch with us).
  5. Who is Eligible?
    • Students studying courses relevant to the geothermal sector in Kenya such as Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Engineering, Energy Studies, Environmental Studies and so on.
    • One must be a student member of the Geothermal Association of Kenya. Here is the link to membership categories.
    • The student member must be in good standing and up to date with their subscriptions.
  6. Implementation of GAKMAP Program: 
    • Call for Applications: When open, GAK will communicate with its membership on the opportunities available for internship or attachment, giving details of the program.
    • Registration of Candidates: GAKMAP is open to all GAK student members studying technical courses such us Geosciences and Engineering and have been actively involved in the Association for a period of 12 months.
    • All applicants will be required to fill in a registration form and submit all necessary requirements.
    • Qualification of GAK-MAP Candidates: “Each One, Just One” is applicable. No student member will qualify for more than one opportunity in the GAK-MAP Program. Gender and sector representation shall be considered for all GAKMAP intakes.
    • Length of each GAKMAP Phase
      • 3 Months – Attachment Opportunities.
      • 6 Months – Internship Opportunities.
      • Throughout the GAKMAP Phases, GAK will engage the student members through mentorship and trainings on basic life skills such as CV writing and networking.
    • Reporting
      • Testing is a systematic way of evaluating the skills of the candidate to ascertain competencies gained during the program. Each candidate will be required to write a comprehensive report while on attachment or internship, (one for every month and a final report after completion of the Program).
    • Recognition:
      • Successful students will be recognized with a completion certificate from GAK to be presented either at the AGM or at the annual dinner.
    • Post Program:
      • A database of the GAKMAP candidates will be established and maintained on a regular basis.
    • Replacement of lost or defaced certificates: This sub-function involves receiving a request from the candidate for replacement of a lost or defaced certificate. The candidate is required to submit documents to confirm the authenticity if it conforms to the record kept by GAK.

For more information, please call us on +254 759 213 020 or email us via 

5 Responses

  1. Yusuf Kimurgor Chumo says:

    Hello, how about a graduate who is enthusiastic on geothermal, but has not had the opportunity to work( either attachment or internship or employment) with geothermal players, can he still register?

    • GAK_Kenya says:

      Hello Yusuf,
      Thank you for your message. Graduates qualify for internship only and not attachment in the GAKMAP Program. However, this will also be subject to fulfilling the requirements in the shortlisting criteria. Some of the requirements include but not limited to: (i) one must be a graduate member of GAK, (ii) one must have graduated and should provide the certificate of graduation, (iii) provide copy of I.D., (iv) provide copy of CV (v) provide certificate of good standing. Thank you.

  2. Kipkoech Philemon says:

    My name is Kipkoech Philemon, a registered member of GAK. My passion in Geothermal drove me to GAK as a student Engineer and now it’s amazing to have the mentorship. A dream to work with KenGen is unveiling, I wish to be considered as a member of GAKMAP and wish to be considered also for an attachments and internship where I will learn and connect more.

    • GAK_Kenya says:

      Hello Philemon,
      Thank you for your message. We are glad to have you as our member. Currently, due to the ongoing pandemic, the GAKMAP Program has been put on hold. We are in contact with our partners in case the scenario changes we shall inform you and all our members giving details for enrollment. With thanks.

  3. Kipkoech Philemon says:

    I am currently learning a lot through GAK and a new member, I wish to be engaged with the mentorship. Membership number I-399

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