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As Africa’s geothermal hub, the Geothermal Association of Kenya together with its partners will hold the Kenya Geothermal Congress 2022, (KGC 2022) in Nairobi, under the theme, “Leveraging on Opportunities in Kenya’s Geothermal Sector”.

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The Kenya Geothermal Congress (KGC) is a series of international geothermal Conferences organized to promote the development of geothermal energy in Kenya. The Congress provides a platform for deliberations on performances, policies, industry best practices, and much more.

Attendance is restricted to fully vaccinated participants.

Summary of KGC 2022

  • Dates: 12 – 17, July 2022,
    • 12 – 14, Conference
    • 15 – 17, Field Trips
  • Venue: Emara Ole Sereni Convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

KGC is Kenya’s Premier Geothermal Conference that expects to host over 200 delegates and aims to:

  1. Showcase the country’s success,
  2. Promote cooperation,
  3. Create a platform for discussions on relevant topics
  4. Discuss the engagement of communities in the resource areas
  5. Discuss the inclusivity spotlighting the inclusion of women in geothermal development.