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Turboden S.P.A: is an Italian Company, part of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group. Turboden is a global leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of Organic Rankine Cycle [ORC] systems for electric and thermal power generation from renewables (biomass, geothermal, solar energy),  traditional fuels and waste heat from industrial processes.

Formed in 1980, Turboden has installed more than 370 plants worldwide. Read more about Turboden on: 

Contact Person: Eng. Joseph Bonafin – Sales and Business Development Manager | Email: | Address – Via Cernaia 10, 25124 Brescia – Italy | Tel: +39 030 3552001

Sosian Energy’s Strategic Plan is to attain its business goals and objectives through diversification of its energy portfolio by developing a profitable revenue base setting it as a leader in technology and innovation in the renewable energy arena in East Africa.

Sosian Energy’s current projects include:

a) Geothermal Projects: There are several geothermal projects that are at various stages – development, negotiations or bidding / exploratory with potential partners. They include:

  • 35 MW Net Geothermal Project: Sosian Energy is currently developing 35 MW Geothermal Power Plant in Menengai through Build Own Operate for 25 years, a project won through Competitive Tender with GDC.
  • 70 – 140 MW Steam Exploration: Sosian Energy has been issued with Geothermal Exploration License for Makongeni / Menengai consession region allowing it rights to explore, drill, extract steam and develop.

b) Solar Farm Project: Detailed feasibility is being condusted on a site right by the equator on development of between 40MW of solar photo-voltaic (PV) farm. COD dates have been issued by EPRA and currently PPA negotiations are underway.

c) Wind Farm Project: Two sites (Loiyangalani and Samburu) have been explored and surveyed for further assessment and agreements with landowners to develop farms of various capacities between 5 MW to 100 MW in these sites.

Contact Person: Mr. VenuGopal Varanasi – Managing Director | Email: | Physical Address – 99 Raphta Road | Postal Address: 2548 – 00606, Nairobi | Tel: +254 700 726 777

Kipya is a Knowledge services company in the Earth Sciences business in East Africa. Kipya works in the sectors of Geothermal, Mining, Oil and Gas, Water and Construction Drilling. Kipya team has an in-depth understanding and global experience across all sectors of the earth sciences, positioning the company as an “Information Bedrock” for the Earth Sciences in the region . Kipya’s business is guided by four values; Respectful, Resourceful, Resilient and Rightful.

Read more about Kipya Africa Limited on: 

Contact Person: Dr. Gathuru Mburu – Managing Director | Email: | Physical Address – 5th Floor Senteu Plaza, Kilimani | Postal Address: 7407 – 00100, Nairobi | Tel: +254 728 615 438