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How much power has GDC added to the national grid?

GDC has added 280 MW from Olkaria to the national grid.


What is direct use of geothermal?

Direct Use refers to the use of geothermal energy for other uses other than generation of electricity. Mostly this phrase is used for thermal energy applications in process heating.


How many geothermal sites do we have?

Geothermal resources in Kenya are located within the Rift Valley with the country having a combined potential of between 7,000MW to 10,000MW. The resource is spread out in over 23 sites #GeothermalChat

How many project areas is GDC working in?

GDC is currently working in two projects – Menengai and the Baringo-Silali Geothermal Projects.


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The developer for the planned Törring geothermal power and heat project near Taching in Bavaria, Germany has received approval for its drilling permit, with drilling expected to start in early 2021

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The results are in - the temperature in #geothermal production well in #Cornwall is 188 Centigrade. Definitely hot enough for #geothermalpower generation 24/7. We have a very excited team right now!

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Kenya is endowed with enormous renewable energy resources which KenGen continues to harness. The company's wind farm in Ngong has an installed capacity of 25.5MW. #RenewableEnergy #EnergyChampion

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