Exergy International SRL

Company Main Activities: Design, Engineering, Supply, and Maintenance of Organic Rankine Cycle Power Plants.

EXERGY’S is the developer and manufacturer of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems utilizing the innovative Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT). EXERGY’S proprietary technologies, covered by a number of patents, allow for highly efficient energy production via the exploitation of heat sources from geothermal, waste heat from industry, biomass, and concentrated solar power.

EXERGY undertakes the development and manufacturing process of the ORC turbine and plants internally. This includes in-house R&D, engineering, project management, manufacturing and assembly, testing and validation, and after-sales service.

Thanks to the simpler design and specific configuration of the ROT technology, our ORC geothermal plants can offer several advantages:

  • Straight blades and radial design for a more flexible and efficient design.
  • Standard mechanical design for each turbine frame to guarantee high reliability, optimize efficiency and reduce supply time.
  • Multiple pressure admissions possible on a single disk for the best trade-off between performance and competitiveness, allowing to exploit low-temperature heat sources.
  • Up to 7 stages on a single disk turbine to achieve state-of-the-art efficiency with extreme flexibility for changing geothermal fluid conditions, in terms of flow, temperature, and constituents. 

The EXERGY portfolio includes more than 470 MWe and the second-largest geothermal binary fleet worldwide. EXERGY is a part of Chinese TICA Group, a leading integrated system and service provider in HVAC. From its headquarters in the north of Italy (Milan), EXERGY exports and implements its technology worldwide with a particular focus on high growth potential markets. 

Website: https://www.exergy-orc.com/

Contacts: Mr. Erdogan Arpaci – Sales Manager, Physical Address: Kemalpasa OSB 39. Sokak No: 8, Kemalpasa/Izmir/Turkey. Email: e.arpaci@exergy.it, Phone: 0 532 174 43 23.