The East Africa Conference on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment (EACOSH) is an inaugural conference that aims to provide a platform for deliberations on performances, policies, industry best practices and much more related issues of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment by key stakeholders and the best brains towards a vision of zero accident in the East Africa Geothermal Sector.

EACOSH was being organized by Kipya (Africa) Limited in Collaboration with the Geothermal Association of Kenya and was to be held on the 26th of March 2020 and 27th of March 2020 in Naivasha, Kenya.


Kenya leads in Geothermal Power Production in Africa. Kenya is ranked 8th globally, after; USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, New Zealand, Mexico and Italy. High temperature geothermal energy prospects in Kenya occur along the Rift Valley setting. The current developed capacity stands at about 9% of the total potential of 10,000 MWe. Kenya’s Vision 2030 Target for Geothermal Energy of 5530 Mwe. With the Olkaria Geothermal Field producing geothermal power so far, Menengai & Bogoria – Silali Geothermal Field being under development among other fields, the geothermal sector in Kenya is positioned to grow exponentially. The industry is also seen as a key enabler for the BIG FOUR AGENDA.

On the other hand, the developments in the geothermal sector in Kenya is indeed a source of income and employment- a source of livelihood to many more. That said, the development of the geothermal fields occurs in an inherently hazardous environment. However, with effective risk management, it can be a safe and healthy workplace. For this reason, there is need for a proactive way of avoiding workers and other players being afflicted with cases of illness, injury and death due to unsafe practices. Addressing such issues, and monitoring the industry, will lower the incident and accident rates. This will in turn protect life and property and improve the well-being of many families.

With that background, EACOSH 2020 was themed “Investing in Safety for a Sustainable Geothermal Industry”