The Geothermal Professionals category lists members who practice in the following fields: Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Engineering, Human Resource,  Accounting, Administration, and many more. Please click on the various professions to check who may suit your professional needs. The professionals have been listed in order of years of experience.

Criteria to be listed in this category:

  1. One must have relevant academic qualifications.
  2. One must have five years of experience in geothermal or related fields.
  3. One must be a member of GAK for at least two years. Non-GAK members to pay the membership fee of KES 5,000 and a facilitation fee of KES 10,000. Must produce the GAK membership certificate and a valid certificate of good standing.
  4. Publishing will indicate basic information about the member such as total years in geothermal practice, notable projects carried out, contacts, areas of interest among others.

This category will be updated soon.