Professional Database

The Geothermal Sector in Kenya has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Present-day successes can be attributed to studies and field developments carried out in the past. In the process, the sector has developed many professionals from various fields such as Geoscientists, Engineers, Financial Analysts, Human Resource Professionals, Lawyers, Accountants, Environmentalists, Technicians, among others.  This mirrors very well Kenya’s rank as the most developed country in Africa in regards to geothermal energy utilization. Kenya is ranked eighth in the world.

With a view of promoting the skills and professional achievements of members to the world, GAK has published relevant information in the respective professional directories. The database will be widely publicized and circulated, both locally and internationally.

Some of the details captured are: highest academic level, current and previous employment record, areas of expertise, notable projects carried out, availability for consultancy, countries practiced in, number of years in the geothermal sector, contacts, and much more.

Note: Members and Non-members who wish to be listed on the professional pool are requested to get in touch with the Executive Officer for further guidance. GAK members can download the application form here.