Who We Are

  • Our Vision – To be the lead Association for the promotion and development of geothermal resources in Kenya.
  • Our Mission – To lead members into geothermal research, knowledge dissemination and training for energy and environmental sustainability.
  • Our Values –
    • Integrity: We adhere to moral and ethical principles by doing what is right, accountable and standing by the truth at all times
    • Professionalism: We undertake to apply high professional skills and good judgement in our areas of training and qualifications in order to achieve high excellence
    • Teamwork: We treat our members, customers and partners with mutual respect and sensitivity. Every person is a valued member, treated with respect and encouraged to contribute and recognized for his/her efforts
    • Socially Responsible: We shall act socially responsibly by being environmentally considerate and employ ethical practices for social good.
    • Education and Information: Our activities are routed on educating and informing our members, customers and the general public about the geothermal sector in Kenya.
  • Our Strategy – The GAK has developed a 5 year Strategic Plan which will guide its direction for the next five years. [The launch of the Strategic Plan will soon be announced].